About Me

City of Painted Lights

"Photographers are time bandits. They capture the temporary and allow us to hold it for a little longer. "

Author Unknown

I can't think of a time then I didn't want to make pictures that told stories or stories that painted pictures. I grew up in southwest Louisiana, a place filled with enough colorful people and exotic landscapes to keep even the most unimaginative child occupied twenty-four seven. It was there my dreams of growing up to be and artist and living in a cold garret apartment with a cracked skylight in Paris began. Hey, it was Louisiana. What did I know about the cold? Or garret apartments? Or Paris, for that matter?

I studied art in college and received a BFA in Art Education with a studio concentration in painting. This led to a career in early childhood education, a satisfying choice that challenged me every day. Still, a part of me needed more.

I have always been drawn to photography in all its forms, but it was the work of people like Dorothea Lange, Edward Steichen, and Irving Penn that spoke to me the most. So I bought a DSLR camera, enrolled in a continuing education program, and began taking photography classes.

It is no exaggeration to say those classes changed my life. At long last I had found my tribe. I was surrounded by creative, fun-loving artists---Time Bandits. Badass people who made pictures that told stories, people who captured the temporary and allowed us to hold on to it for a little longer.

You might have guessed by now, I never moved to Paris. Nor do I live in a garret with a cracked skylight. But I did become an artist. I am a photographer based in Columbia, SC, and I am open for business.

That's me over there with the camera---the badass Time Bandit. Have camera. Will capture.